Goal Setting Masterclass


What? An all-day workshop on goal setting for 2022

When? Saturday, the 14th of November 2021; 10am to 2pm.

Where? Over Zoom

Tickets: $189.95

Yeah, we set goals. I set goals, you set goals, we all set goals. Setting goals is easy. But will you follow through?

Have you set so many goals and haven’t actually achieved any of them? Did you blame circumstances?

Well, stop. Let’s do this once for all the right way. Once you set proper goals the proper way and materialize success, you will do it every year and unleash your true potential. A mentor, a thought partner and an accountability buddy will seal the deal in setting you apart from the crowd by actually achieving them. How wonderful if all three could come packaged as one person? Wink, wink, pick me!

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Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who believes in their own true potential.

Anyone who wants to be a high achiever.

Anyone who wants to learn the proper method of setting goals and achieving them.


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