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Prepare for your Mortgage Application.

Meet Dawn Lumsden from Lumsden Financial. Dawn is a Mortgage Agent with 20 years in the Mortgage Industry. She brings an added value to her clients with her authenticity and friendly demeanour.

So many of us are Entrepreneurs we need to know that we are able to still obtain a mortgage. Major banks do have a conservative and defined guidelines for self-employed income but by working with an experienced mortgage agent like Dawn, you get guided through the process. Being able to work with over 40 lenders gives Dawn a great option to clients looking to meet their homeownership goals.

This week at our weekly networking meeting at Konnexions GTA, Dawn will be explaining about how to prep paperwork when applying for a mortgage through your mortgage broker. It is important to know what the banks’ expectations are and the requirements prior to approving a mortgage.


Join our free networking event where this fortnight’s focus is on “Prepare for your Mortgage Application”


Wednesday the 4th of November

At what time?

2 – 3:30PM


It’s on Zoom, so register below.

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