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Have you ever stopped to consider the benefits of creative expression? Especially in stressful and uncertain times like these a creative outlet can be extremely beneficial to our emotional wellbeing and peace of mind. Even if you don’t consider yourself artistic fining a creative outlet that suits you is so important.

Unfortunately, our natural creativity has been tamped down by all the distractions and stresses of modern life. This Wednesday on Konnexions, we will benefit from Melanie Graham from Creative Content Galway sharing her “5 Easy Ways to Spark Your Creativity”. You’ll be looking at the world in a whole new way and inspired like never before.


Join our free networking event where this fortnight’s focus is on “5 Easy Ways to Spark Your Creativity”


Wednesday the 25th of November

At what time?

2 – 3:15PM


It’s on Zoom, so register below.

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