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We all have an “Innate Wisdom”. This wisdom guides us along our journey in life. Many of us look at as a “gut feeling” others say it is “listening to their heart”. When we do this we drop into our bodies and feel a sense about ourselves.

Body Talk is all about “Innate Wisdom”. The Body Talk Practitioner is a conduit. They listen for subtle vibrations for yes and no answers.

Networking meetings at Konnexions are something every member looks forward to as we all bring in our own unique business traits in to the group. Every week we have a special presenter. On the 16th of December, Kim Graham will be presenting to us a mini session where we will take a look at “Body Talk and Innate Wisdom” and how it can assist us to re-align ourselves as we move into 2021.


Join our free networking event where this fortnight’s focus is on “Body Talk and Innate Wisdom”


Wednesday the 16th of December

At what time?

2 – 3:15PM


It’s on Zoom, so register below.

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