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Free Workshops

Nithin Nayak has worked for over 15 years in the Tech industry and it has been such a rewarding journey that has ignited passion towards Travel, Food, Technology and Innovation.
Driven to get local kids into STEM especially young girls, Nithin along with his wife Nikhila, bring Code Ninjas to the community. In his own words “We have seen first hand shortage of resources especially women applicants for these high-tech jobs and our vision is that every student in the community has the opportunity to learn computer science as part of their core K-12 education.”
As part of our non-profit org, Code Ninjas Village – We want to build a stronger focus to increase diversity by reaching students of all backgrounds where they are — at their skill-level, in their schools, and in ways that inspire them to keep learning. 
Come into our weekly networking event this Wednesday, the 30th of December and find out “How Computer Sciences Make Students Better Thinkers and Problem Solvers” in Nithin’s 20 min presentation.

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