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About Laura Brailsford:

Laura Brailsford Diya SelvaI’m a firm believer that you have the potential to build the life of your dreams, no matter where you are right now. It takes a goal and a plan, and belief in yourself.

My parents were entrepreneurs with sporadic income. I picked up the habit of spending whatever money I had with no longer-term vision. Not surprisingly, I lived paycheque to paycheque. Afraid to ask questions, I plodded along. In time, I decided I was worth more than that, was ready to change my story and would start my journey toward financial freedom. What I learned then is what I share now with clients: With a belief in your own worthiness and proper education about your money and investments, you can grow your wealth abundantly and realize your dreams.

My approach as a financial advisor is different. Sure, we’ll discuss your goals and how to reach them. But we’ll also spend time making sure you build the belief that you are worth creating a legacy of your own. The work toward financial freedom may not be exciting, and it may be challenging at times, but you are worth the journey and the outcome.

I want you to feel in control of your money and secure in your future. So, I’ll explain things in everyday terms, I’ll show you options and we’ll consider any trade-offs. When I recommend an investment, I’ll always explain why it is the best one for you and your goals. And, above all, no question is a dumb question.

Before joining Edward Jones, I co-owned a restaurant, worked in food distribution hospitality and sales, and was a dance and yoga teacher. Now as a financial advisor, I can merge my business sense, entrepreneurial spirit and philosophy of mind/body/life connection to make a difference for clients.

Outside of work, I relish quality time with my family. We have a busy household with two eight-year-old daughters. In my free time, I volunteer as a dance and yoga instructor. 

Now it’s your turn. Let’s talk about the road to reaching your dreams.


What is it? 

A free networking event where this fortnight’s focus is on BUILD THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS – FINANCIAL SUCCESS” by Laura Brailsford.


Wednesday the 21st OF OCTOBER

At what time?

2 – 3:30PM


It’s on Zoom, so register below.


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