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Konnexions Diya Selva Do you know what happens to negative emotions when you don’t fully process them? They manifest as pain and other imbalances that gradually turn into disease.

Can you imagine what it would feel like, to feel emotionally lighter?

To lose pain, helplessness, worthlessness, food addictions, emotional eating, fears, resistance to abundance, anger, hatred, self hate and all those negative emotions…

Join Amber Salembier for a workshop on how to reduce and manage emotional imbalances and other stress in your life.

Amber Salembier is certified in EFT/TFT, Emotion Code and Body code that specializes in releasing emotional imbalances.


Join our free networking event where this fortnight’s focus is on “Manage Emotional Imbalances and Reduce Stress in Life” by Amber Salembier.


Wednesday the 28th OF OCTOBER

At what time?

2 – 3:30PM


It’s on Zoom, so register below.




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