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Blogging for Business

Blogging for Business Diya SelvaTaking this course is a no brainer.


This workshop is like no other. For months, or probably years you have been thinking that you should start a blog, just for the fun of it. Or wondering, how do people make a lot of money with their blogs?

Well, over the 14 weeks of this course, in 6 sessions, I’ll be guiding you step by step on each step you need to take in order to build a successful blogging business that starts making money in as less as 90 days.

In this workshop the simplest things you will learn step by step are


  • How to start a blog, create processes and systems around it to keep you successfully working on it.
  • How to organize your blogging ideas so you don’t get overwhelmed, or worse – forget them.
  • How to write the perfect headlines which bring in your reader’s attention to stay.
  • How to discover your “unique selling proposition”, to stand out in the crowd.
  • All the do’s and don’ts of good blogging and tips and skills you’ll use for life
  • Strategies to bring in large traffic time after time using your existing blog posts.

This is a hands on intensive workshop. Within 14 weeks from the date of start,  you’ll have created and optimized a blog that makes money

Session One starts on Tuesday, the 9th of May.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Session 1 (90 minutes)

Introduction to blogging, blogging as a passion and blogging as a business. How to pick a profitable blog niche and domain name.

Session 2 (3 hours)

How to set up a blog and do the technical stuff. You’ll do this step by step with me and the other participants of the workshop.

How to plan and schedule blogging, sharing and marketing – the basic prep.

Session 3 (90 minutes)

How to prepare your blog for launch, to generate traffic and grow your blog in 3 weeks, learn the best strategies for blogging for money and how to implement them, different ways to monetize your blog and how to make your choice.

Session 4 (2 hours)

SEO and more on generating massive traffic into your blog

How to grow your email list and monetize your subscribers

Session 5 (90 minutes)

How to scale your blog business and generate upwards of $10k every month

Blogging can be a passion, or it can be a business. In this workshop we treat it as latter. Templates and plans.

Session 6 (90 Minutes)

Follow up and Support. More marketing ideas, networking strategies and other outreach ideas and plans.

The best part:


The best part of blogging for business is, initially you put in a lot of time and effort with a little bit of money. Eventually you pay only basic subscriptions and push back on time and effort.

You can work from home 24/7 and work anywhere in the world and make plenty of money at your kitchen table in your pajamas.

Also, you get access to plenty of my super useful templates and checklists to have one successful blog post after another to help you get those coveted first-page spots and a blog promotion and traffic generation checklist to help you boost your blog traffic and your earnings.

Most courses leave you with “ok, I did the course, now what? I need to take action” This one actually leaves you satisfied because at the end of it, you have a complete blog, action has already been elicited out of you. Now all you need is motivation and drive to stay abreast.