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A Trip to Hashtagville

Welcome to Hashtagville!

Dingo! This workshop on popular demand repeats itself for the 11th time. Thanks for the interest, please register below.

Who says Diamonds are a girl’s best friends? Darlyn Dunroe here says Hashtags are a girl’s best friends! Darlyn Dunroes of today don’t sit around waiting for dashing dates to come along and shower them with diamonds.

Well, maybe some do. But if you are like me, the entrepreneurial boss babe, sassy, badass who owns the town, you’d hone and polish your Instagram skills, fill your arsenal with marketing tips and tricks and ride your Marley Davidson to Hashtagville!

Dates for this opportunity:

7 Aug 2021: 2-4:30pm

16 Aug 2021: 2-4:30pm

And tickets to Hashtagville: $69 for early birds until the end of July.

Yep, cheap tickets, just for you folks.

Who should join me?:

This trip to Hashtagville is for Businesses users of Instagram who meet the following criteria.

You have less than 3,000 Instagram followers. 

You want to grow your Instagram followers organically, but don’t know how.

You want to learn to create drool worthy content and scroll stopping graphics.

You want to become proficient at all the marketing tools available and keep up to date with all of the new Instagram features.

Or, you know everything, you need the right push.

What will I do in Hashtagville?


  • You will recognize the potential that Instagram has for your business growth. (To create innumerable diamonds)
  • You’ll find simple & effective ways to connect to new customers
  • You’ll create an attractive, powerful and professional Instagram business profile.
  • You’ll learn to set targets on your audience, every day on Instagram
  • Know how to build strong trustworthy relationships with your Instagram followers (not just flirting)
  • Utilize proven marketing skills and the follower funnel technique to convert followers to paying customers. (You earn your diamonds)
  • You’ll be confident to make use of all the features Instagram is continuously implementing to grow your account and your business.

You will also learn about

  1. Instagram’s algorithm and compliance
  2. Anatomy of posts
  3. Strength and importance of Hashtags
  4. Utilizing the power of OPC, stories, reel and IGTV
  5. Tools to help with Instagram
  6. Dos and Don’ts of Instagram
  7. Deciphering Insights and Analytical
  8. Collaborations – to do or not to do.
  9. Paid Advertising
  10. To create an action plan.

Just like Darlyn Dunroe did, you’ll realize that Instagram is heaven sent and by dedicating a few hours and some effort every week, you’ll build your empire strong and dazzling… and soon, Ka-ching! Diamonds! You’ll turn followers into paying customers.

Just ONE click! Just $69

Hit that Sign Up button at the bottom of the page and you’ve made great decisions! 

Decision to no longer sit on the sidelines and watch other entrepreneurs, bloggers, and influencers CRUSH it on Instagram.

Decision to go all in and learn the strategies you need to master this platform and use it to its fullest potential.

Decision NOT to spend hours upon hours on the app and get frustrated.Recognize the income potential, the freedom, that growing your Instagram community will mean for you and your business. I’m super excited that you’re super excited! So stop dreaming and start building. Let’s bring in the diamonds, sistah!